Email #58: A Member’s Fridge Dies And Seniors Get a Home-Cooked Meal (3/10/17)

We know from experience that sharing our members’ stories encourages others to do the same. Here’s one we think you’ll enjoy. It comes from New York.
Dear Jeff,

Last Thursday night, I went to sleep. My fridge worked.

Last Friday morning, I woke up. It was dead.

A day earlier my wife and I had a Fresh Direct order of more than $150 delivered. A day later we thought we were gonna have to throw out all the food.

Normally, that’s what we would do. Get angry. Yell at each other. Talk about how this food could take care of the eating needs of a small country. Then we’d throw the food out and be mad that we wasted all that money.

I looked at my phone and I noticed the Art of Men email had just come through. It made me think, “Who can we give this food to?” I googled “food pantry”, found one within a mile and called them.

The woman who answered the phone was thrilled I called. Long story short, she ended up finding two seniors living in my neighborhood who get home-delivered meals. We cooked up everything in our fridge – chicken, steak, spinach, potatoes – and brought it over.

Art of Men gave us something pretty special. It gave us a new way of thinking. Thank you.

– Rick
Elmhurst, Queens
And this is just the beginning.
Art Gurwitz.
Founder. Art of Men.
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